If you bend it, we'll mend it. On Site. On Time.

We can have a qualified technician on site. If we can’t fix the problem there, we’ll take your forklift to our dedicated forklift repair facility and supply you with an equivalent load truck to minimise your business downtime.

With the demands of today’s justin- time business environment, you can’t afford downtime. Machinery that’s offline means orders not fulfilled, increased costs, and unhappy customers. At Forklift 1 we understand that you need your forklifts to be available 24/7 and working at maximum capacity. Our skilled maintenance technicians are only a phone call or email away. If we can’t fix the problem on site, we’ll replace your forklift with an equivalent loan forklift while we diagnose and repair the problem in our fully-equipped Sebenza workshops, before returning your repaired forklift to you. We deliver on world-class turnaround times for all repair and maintenance jobs.

We use only genuine spare parts to ensure that your business is back on track in no time – and stays that way. To give you complete confidence in all our work, we only work on forklifts sold or leased by Forklift 1 – that way, you know the service history of your forklift and that only skilled technicians have been involved, using genuine parts.